Bouzoukia & Club line-up for Athens, late 2011 into 2012

Athens Winter 2011-2012 line-ups for Athens bouzoukia & clubs  –


Greece has a new prime minister, and True Athens has the first schedules for clubs & bouzoukia & other live music venues in Athens.


The table below lists many Athens’ clubs, bouzoukias, “pistes” (mega clubs, kind of like Vegas style night clubs, only Greek style!) as well as a smattering of restaurants with live music and other places you’ll find live music in Athens.
How to search
At the upper right corner of the table you’ll find a box. Use this to filter down if you are looking for something or someone specific. For example, if you are looking for Anna Vissi, just type in Vissi and you’ll get a revised table. If you are looking for places in Pagrati, type that in the search box and you’ll find only those places. Perhaps you want to know who has live music on Monday nights, type in Monday. I think you get the idea!
You can also alphabetize and resort the columns if you’d like. Use the arrows at the bottom right of the table to move to the next section of the table.
A note about the data – it’s compiled from press releases I get as well as Athinorama, a Greek Athens weekly and random posters I keep tabs on as they appear on the streets of Athens. Sometimes things do change, as do prices. So please, use the phone and double check before making plans. And let me know if I’m missing something or I’ve got something wrong.

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