Dalaras, Art of Guitar & Rembetiko

The guitar, present in every type of band from the early twentieth century until today, is a carrier of a complex musical language, Guitarist Dimitris Mystakidis understands the many facets of folk guitar, including how it has grown through the years to become a part of rebetiko. Together, musicians and singers will explore the art of the guitar and rembetiko. at Megaro Mousiki for 2 nights, November 18 & November 19, 2011.

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George Dalaras, D. Mystakidis, Martha Frintzila, Chris Mastelo, Vassilis Skoutas, Dimitris Mitarakis

Guitars: George Dalaras, D. Mystakidis, Vassilis Skoutas, Dimitris Mitarakis

Christos Lambrakis Hall

Megaron Music Hall

Dates/ Time:
18,19 November 2011/20:30


Advance bookings from:
27 October 2011

Students: € 7
Zone C: € 12
Zone B: € 22
Zone A: € 32
Grand Tier: € 45


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