Sample the flavors of Greece

As readers of this blog know, I love food, and it’s also one of my favorite things to bring back to friends and family when I’m returning to Chicago from Athens.  One of my favorite one stop shops for all things Greek food is a shop called “Pantopoleio” (which little means “seller of everything” in Greek).  True to its name, the Mediterranean Diet Pantopoleio offers an amazing selection of food products from all around Greece, and when I am looking for something special, this is where I go.

I usually shop the small Pantopoleio tis Mesogeiakis Diatrofis on Frinis and Ymittou near my apartment in Pagrati, where there is almost always something being sampled, but if I’m running around in the commercial center I’ll often stop into their larger food emporium on Sofolkleous (behind the Athens Stock exchange) to see what’s on offer that particular day.

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, between noon and 4 pm, the shop on Sofokleous will have a special Christmas food sampling event, presenting items from all around Greece, like smoked buffalo from Serros, wild mushrooms from Evia, Cretan apaki (a smoked meat), wild boar sausage, pastas from Chios, fig chutney from Corfu, dried figs from Evia and Cretan honey.

Pantopoleio tis Mesogeiakis Diatrofis
1 Sofokleous (at Aristeidou)
Athens 10559
tel: 2210-36-28-738
Pantopoleio tis Mesogeiakis Diatrofis
6 Chremonidou (between Ymittou & Aspasia)
Athens 11634
tel: 210-75-66-006