Ever wonder about those late night Blues clubs?

Aman Amen Musical theater rembetika Athens Greece

I find it’s something a lot folks planning trips to Athens ask me about.  And while there was a time long ago when I could stay up late enough to have an underground Greek blues night with friends in Athens, I’m not so good at those late nights anymore (and frankly most guests visiting Greece want to enjoy their days, not sleep through them, so rembetika until 4 AM doesn’t really work too well for the average tourist.)

So I’m really excited about my return to Athens next week. I’ve just bought tickets for Aman Amen, a new musical directed by Greek composer Stavros Xarchakos.  Can’t wait to share my love of rembetika with guests, especially those who’ll be in Athens with their teenagers over February mid-winter break.  Finally those who don’t want to stay up until the wee hours of the morning (and fight the smoke filled rooms) have a chance to take a journey back in time and place into the underground world of the Greek “blues”.  The period costumes look fabulous and the music as fresh today (If you felt like staying up late in Athens you’d find that they’re playing and singing and dancing to the same songs today in as they were in the ’30s & ’40s.)

Checkout the Event Calendar in the sidebar for links to the theater and to purchase tickets (10e – 25e).