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 **Tsiknopempti 2012 & Carnivale**

Tsiknopempti or “Smoked Thursday” is February 16, 2012

Carnival Period begins February 5, 2012

Main Carnival Weekend: Friday, February 24 – Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clean Monday: Monday, Feb 27th, 2012

I know, Smoke Thursday, only in Greece could they have a holiday about smoke …. but erase that image of a Great Greek SmokeOut and think mega Memphis BBQ, only Greek style!  Tsiknopempti, smoke Thursday, is all about eating meat, smoked, grilled, broiled, meat meat and more meat – as a final goodbye to meat prior to the Apokreas fasting period before Greek Easter.

Watch this space for updates on where to book a table (yes, you’ll want to  make sure you book your table at least one week in advance so ensure a place at this massive, festive grilled meat party!

For 2012, consider the following great “paidakia” places:

To Steki tou Elias, Thisseio

Elias Taverna, Plateia Proskapon

Mandrakis, Pagrati/Kessariani

Ladokolla, Pagrati 

And search our food recommendations here on for other great “psistaria” in Athens.

By Athensguide

How does a little girl from Skokie, Illinois find herself in historical Athens, leading curious explorers through the winding streets of Plaka, down "pezodromos" to hidden ouzeries for tempting mezedhes and homemade barrel wine? The journey began more than twenty years ago, and regardless of whether the wanderlust comes from the spiritual and culture DNA flowing through my veins, or the alignment of the stars on that cold mid-December day this Sagitterian came into the world, I never seem to tire of exploring my adopted homeland of Greece. Here you'll join me as I explore Athens: be it the back streets of Psirri and Gazi, or through the National Gardens and Zappeio where a family of turtles makes their home, or down wide, treelined Imittou Street in Pagrati, which pulses with Athenian life 24 hours a day. And while Athens has stolen my heart, the rest of Greece vies for my curiousity and wanderlust. My two guys (that'd be the Greek God, Vasilis and our Greek dog, Scruffy) and I can often be found settling in for a long weekend in some charming mountain village, or a quaint fishing port on a nearby island, or learning how Greek vitners are producing wines that rival some of Napa Valley's finests productions, or celebrating a panayeri in Epirus or sharing in the festivities as a family of Cretan sheepherders come together to sheer their 1500 sheep in the spring ... And if you happen to find yourself heading to Athens, consider finding yourself a real home for your stay. Living amongst the locals, be it for 3 nights or 3 weeks, will offer you the chance to experience true Athens, beyond the Acropolis. Choose from one of our 5 beautiful penthouse and historical homes, and who knows, I may be leading you down that winding "pezodromo" to our favorite hidden ouzerie!