Dionysos – the Quick (Budget friendly) Greek

Imittou 95, Pagrati – 210/75-11-001
Open daily from noon until midnight (or later)

The "poikoilia" plate, with a Greek salad and a side of hot spicy cheese dip, enough for 4 under 20 euro!
The "poikoilia" plate, with a Greek salad and a side of hot spicy cheese dip, enough for 4 under 20 euro!

It probably isn’t much of a surprise that I’d fall for the Greek God of wine, revelry and dance, but the astonishing part is that it’s merely a simple souvlaki stand that bears this God’s name. There’s nothing fancy about it, but the selection and prices land this guy a place in my budget minded heart. Located on Imittou street smack dab in between our duplexes and our Acropolis View penthouses, the tables spill outside onto the pedestrian walkway, and summer or winter you’ll have your choice of dining under the stars, in the glass enclosed dining room, or bringing your order home to enjoy in your “Athens home”. Here’s where the budget minded me gets really excited. Dionysios not only serves up a great gyros and souvlaki, but their “poikoilia” (combination or assortment platter of grilled meats – beef, chicken and pork – pronounced “pee-keel-yia”) for 2 people easily serves 4 and with the addition of a Greek salad makes for an amazing meal under 5 euro per person.
If you’re staying near Syntagma Square, you can take a leisurely walk to Imittou street (about 15-20 minutes via the National Gardens and the Old Olympic Stadium, or you can hop on the 2, 4 or 11 trolley and get off at Imittou Street.
Come before dinner and join the volta of Athenians strolling on the pedestrian side of Imittou street, enjoying ice cream and gelato or sipping cappuccinos in one of the dozens of cafes along this pleasant, tree lined street. (Remember, you are in Greece, have ice cream BEFORE dinner, that’s the Greek way).

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  1. I like your blog. Interesting food posts. I will try this one, I live near by. Is there a way to register here in order to see the protected posts in the food section?

    Keep it up!

  2. Carol- Do you have a photo of this place? I’ve copied your directions and “bing mapped” the address but it is so much easier when we have a photo. Sadly, the Greek alphabet still baffles me. We will be coming for a week the first week in May so I hope to find this place. Thanks.

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