Dancing in the Roman Agora

Wow! An evening of dance performance beneath the Acropolis in the Roman Agora.

This one is a new venue for summer performance in Athens,  (for me at least!) and I am so excited that I’ll be in Athens to experience this. Will you?

It’s just two nights, two magical nights I am certain. June 30 and July 1, 2012 in Athens. Under the Acropolis. In the Roman Agora.

9:00 PM

Tickets are  €16, €23, Students and children  €10

Two magical nights under the Acropolis, in the splendid setting of the Roman Forum, the Greek National Opera presents  dance for the piano concerto No. 23 and Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 5 by Beethoven.

Soloists, the eminent pianist Dimitris Toufexis.

Conductor Ilias Voudouris 

Choreographer Renato Tzanelli 

Soloist Toufexis Dimitri, piano