Athens Discount Card

Special tourist & visitor discounts at select Athens businesses

Groupon and other coupon programs are all the rage these days. So much so that no one expects to pay full price for anything anymore (trust me, I know this from the inquiries I receive for our Greek Vacation Rental self catering apartments in Athens!). Greece has caught the bug, but I’ve discovered that many of the great offers I receive can’t be shared with foreigners, they’re only valid to residents of Greece (and even if they were, most folks wouldn’t be able to read the offers, let alone take advantage of them.[box] This discount card is ONLY available to non-residents of Greece & must be picked up at the Athens airport.[/box]

Finally a program targeted specifically to foreigners visiting Greece. Now you can get in on the super discount craze that seems to have swept the world: no more paying full price in Athens if you remember to pickup a special Athen Spotlighted visitor card when you arrive in Greece!

The “AthensSpotlighted” card is available to incoming foreign visitors arriving at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens and can be pickued up at one of the airport’s two designated booths between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM inside the Baggage Claim area, at the information stand 5 & 6 located on the Arrivals level of the airport (only for late night/early morning arrivals between 10 PM and 6 AM), and at the airport’s Business Center (also on the Arrivals level) between the hours of 6 AM – 10 PM.

The card offers discounts to visitors to a variety of cultural sites, museums, art galleries, restaurants & clubs and is valid for up to 10 days. A selection of current offers includes:

Special menu pricing at numerous Athens’ gourmet restaurants including the Grand Bretagne’s GB Corner, Spondi, Edodi, Varoulko, and Milos in the Athens Hilton, as well as 20% off at one of my personal favorites, Kuzina in Thisseio.

In addition to restaurant discounts, the Athens visitors card offers discounts to theater such as:

And museums like:

  • The Benaki Museum (50% discount!)
  • The National¬† Gallery
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Goulandris Natural History Museum
  • The Numismatic Museum

And if all that touring and sightseeing leaves you in need of a bit of rejuvination, use your card to save 20% on a relaxing visit and spa treatments at the GB Spa at the Grand Bretagne hotel in Athens.

You’ll find a complete list of current offers – there’s a nice list of shops offering 20% discounts, on the official website.

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