Traditional Products of Laconia …. in Athens

Underneath bustling Syntagma Square, in the heart of Athens, the city of Athens holds a little secret … and it’s really too bad that it remains such, since I’ve been there a number of times for various exhibitions (mostly food and wine related) and always came away with a bag full of goodies – most often traditional products from all around Greece.

I love these 3 or 4 day exhibitions, kind of like an indoor farmer’s market, where you get to sample products, almost always direct from their source, the producer or farmer (or a family member).  I love meeting them, and I love the pride with which they share their creations.

This year there will be a festival presenting the traditional products of the Laconia region of Greece – for those who don’t know the area, it’s in the Peloponnese and the area is rich with many gifts that the locals have turned into agro businesses.   While the entire region is rich in olives (and thus olive oil), the area around Monemvassia is becoming Laconia’s wine region (and you are certain to find some at the Syntagma festival to sample and buy.