The Athens Tourist Ticket Returns and other transport tips in Athens

The Athens OASA has just announced a series of special offers on transportation in Athens:

The return of the Athens Tourist Three Day Ticket

The €20 ticket is valid for 3 days (Seventy two hours from when it is first validated and is good for unlimited travel on any OASA mode of transport (Bus, Trolley, Metro, Metro, Tram, Metro to Koropi and to and from Athens Airport by the Metro or buses EXPRESS Airport. The ticket will not be valid for travel on the suburban line (proastiako).

Additional deals and discounts on Athens Transportation

  • Buy 10 tickets and get 1 free
  • A new 7 day ticket will be valid for unlimited travel including the airport and will be priced at €50.
  • The Monthly pass including the airport and ISAP and all other modes of transport in Athens will cost €140.

The effective date of these new tickets has not yet been announced, but should be announced soon. Follow the blog on on Twitter or Facebook for further details.