“The Greek Series” – Photos at the Benaki




A photo exhibition by Swiss photographer Charles Weber, under the title The Greek Series, will be on display at the Benaki Museum from January 31 to March 17.
IconostasesShipwrecks, Men and Machines, Agios SyllasHeraklionUmbrellas and Night Landscapes make up the seven-chapter portrayal of Weber’s second homeland, Crete.
People, landscapes, objects and compositions from everyday life in Greece are depicted with tenderness and spontaneity by the 47-year-old photographer, who has been living and working in the village of Agios Syllas, on the island of Crete, for more than thirty years.

Charles Weber, the Swiss photographer, has lived and worked in the village of Agios Syllas in the prefecture of Herakleio, on the island of Crete for more than three decades.
His exhibition The Greek Series presents his photographic progress in his second homeland, through approximately 150 photographs, divided into seven chapters.
His themes deal with people, landscapes, objects and compositions from Greek everyday life. They exude tenderness, spontaneity, order and love of place and of the local people.



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