Weekend breakfast overlooking the Parthenon

cretan pitasFrom the time they first opened, I’ve been a big fan of the cafe and restaurant at the Acropolis Museum.  My first lunches there were all wonderful – tasty, healthy and authentically Greek: a fine selection of locally produced ingredients, a chance to sample various cheese and receipes from around Greece. And now, the staff of the museum has one upped themselves by doing away with the traditional idea of the Greek breakfast of coffee and a cigarette – beginning February 2 they’ve opened for breakfast on the weekends.

The menu features a selection of Greek morning items – and items we consider “breakfast” which Greeks might eat at other times of the day (oh, those Greek fried eggs, served here with a smokey Maniotis ham called siglino) or a scrambled eggs with tomatoes) as well as the more traditional morning food, koulouria, Greek sesame stick bread, served here with cheese. And don’t be put off by the not so inviting sounding “fresh olive oil fried bread”, I am guessing that would be one of my favorites, actually called “Avgofetes” the closest thing being our own french toast.