Numismatic museum tour

Numismatic Museum Free Guided Tour

SUNDAY JANUARY 27, 2013 Numismatic Museum of Athens (ILIOU MELATHRON) Guide: Xenia Pantelaki Meet at the Entrance to the museum: 12 Panepistimou Special thanks to the volunteer guides for giving up their time to make these free tours possible. For … Read More

MIR Festival in Athens …

What is the MIRfestival 2012? MIRfestival is a satellite, a system in orbit, parallel to other systems, like the Soviet (and later Russian) orbital station it shares its name with. Passing by artists, creators of ephemeral and unique works, stop … Read More

Your Acropolis view home away from home

Want to fall in love with Athens like I did? Don’t just drop in for the night, pay homage to the Parthenon and head off to the islands. Allow yourself at least 4 nights, though 7 is really ideal, and let’s … Read More