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Discover real Athens, take a walk beyond the historical center

Downtown Athens is made up of many neighborhoods. Grab a map and venture behind the Old Olympic Stadium, through Mets, with its lovely restored neo-Classical buildings, gentle hills and winding…

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Travel tips: Where to find drugs in Athens, 24 hours a day

How to find the 24 hour pharmacy in Athens As a North American I’d become quite spoiled with the fact that I can find an open Walgreens,Osco or CVS pretty…

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Is Athens Safe?

The last few days I’ve been getting alot of emails and phone calls as Greece makes headlines in newspapers and on newscasts around the globe. I thought it might be…

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The real soul of Greece – Why I’ve fallen for this country

I originally wrote this post in August 2008, but yesterday, after the news of Greek performer Dimitris Mitropanos’ death started making the rounds, I noticed people were reading it again.…

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