Day trips from Athens

Although there is much to see and do in central Athens, the savvy traveler knows that there are advantages to using Athens as your base to explore the nearby areas. Most of the visitors I meet choose to take at … Read More

Live Music, Club Lineups for Winter 2008-2009 in Athens

It’s that time of year again, winter in Athens – my favorite time of all, since the theaters, clubs and concert halls have full schedules, and there is barely a night where there isn’t something worthwhile doing …. And of … Read More

Cafe Avisina – Not only on Sunday …

Cafe Avisina ( (Closed Monday – Lunch and Dinner the rest of the week)Plateia Avisina, Monasteraki, Antique Market, 210/32 17 047) We don’t generally recommend places in the Plaka/Monasteraki area, but the food here is excellent, and more than once we … Read More