Nikos Portokaloglou, Little Theater at Epidaurus

Remix This summer head out to the Little Theatre at Ancient Epidaurus and join Nikos Portokaloglou for a “reverse” remix or an Unplugged concert. Along with a tiny (non-traditional) string orchestra (really!), Portokaloglou and friends invite us to a game where … Read More

Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala & Savinou Yiannatou at the Pallas theatre

Last November, I wrote about a concert that had been anounced for December, which I would have to miss, since I was returning to Chicago for the holidays. Lucky for me, the concert featuring Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala & Savinou … Read More

A Little More Smoke ….

” A Little More Smoke ….” Saturday, March 13 2010 22:30 IANOS Bookstore Cafe 24 Stadiou Kalliopi Vetta, Mania Papadimitriou and Giannis Ioannou Imagine, a Greek concert about smoking … about cigarettes, about all things that make smoke …. the … Read More