Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala & Savinou Yiannatou at the Pallas theatre

Last November, I wrote about a concert that had been anounced for December, which I would have to miss, since I was returning to Chicago for the holidays. Lucky for me, the concert featuring Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala & Savinou … Read More

The Athenian Festival at the Attiko Alsos September 2009

The city of Athens and the Athenian Festival host a variety of performances throughout the city of Athens each summer. The Attiko Alsos (the Little Forest of Attica, or the Attica Woods) is a terrific outdoor performance venue located in … Read More

Antonis Remos at the Athenon Arena

Title: Antonis Remos at the Athenon Arena Location: ATHENON ARENA, Pireos 166, Gazi Description: Antonis Remos meets Las Vegas, literally! This night club show will be one of the top talked about spectacles in Athens this year. And we\’ve got … Read More

Efstathia, at Ianos!

Title: Efstathia, at Ianos! Location: Ianos Bookstore, Stadiou 24, Athens Link out: Click here Description: Singer, songwriter Efstathia, who lives, breathes and falls in love in Athens, performs for five weekends this fall in Athens at the Ianos bookstore on … Read More

Hellenic Festival Schedule 2008 (including the Athens Festival)

The organizers of the Hellenic Festival, which includes the Athens Festival, a program of live music and theater in Athens and in several outdoor venues throughout Greece has announced that they will be announcing the program for 2008 at a press … Read More